Finance & Investment

We have more than three decades of experience in solar energy projects. Our experience has made us recognize the fact that benefits of solar energy can be realised only when solar projects are coupled with optimal financing and incentives.
Our strong financial networks and exact knowledge of incentives, and tax benefits enables us to ensure that each customer receives maximum return in a very short period from solar energy.
KCP provides clients with a complete suite of energy finance services such as project modeling, project structuring, fund development and operations management. Our clients rely on us to provide them accurate data-driven results that include energy yield analysis, deal structuring, investment modeling, payback period, risk management protocol, and technology evaluations.
We provide comprehensive funding and finance services for the solar pv power projects of 50 kW in size all the way up to MW. We offers the following financing and funding services,

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)/OPEX/BOOT

Commercial & Industrial Solar Lease

Energy Modeling & Economic Analysis