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According to the estimates, more than half of Indian population, mainly rural, either do not have access to Grid or have very little access to electricity

Indoor air pollution is a big barrier to development, especially in rural areas. Use of dirty fuels for lighting and cooking such as cow dung and wood will lead to respiratory disorder due to the smoke and fumes emitted coupled with long term damage to eyesight resulting from the poor illumination by the kerosene lamps. It also burns a hole in exchequer’s budget for providing subsidy for kerosene.The easiest and the most sustainable solution for sorting out this problem is “Decentralized and Distributed Power Generation and Consumption” using Solar PV systems and Solar Thermal products.

MNRE - the premium body for renewable energy in India, realizing the potential for off-grid solar products, has set the following targets under the JNNSM.

  • Promote programmes for off grid applications, reaching 2000 MW by 2022
  • Achieve 20 million sq. meters solar thermal collector area by 2022
  • Deploy 20 million solar lighting systems for rural areas by 2022

We at KCP, have initiated to implement thermal and lighting systems from decades back and we are constantly helping to reach the targets set by MNRE, Government of India.

Lighting Systems

7000 +

Solar Street Lights Installed

6 Million +

Units saved annually

80000 +

Equalance of Trees Planted

Water Heaters

1.2 Million +

Litres of heating capacity

500000 +

Units saved every day

3 Billion

Litres of water heated till date 

Solar Street Lighting is the perfect, cost-effective solution for residential streets, parking lots, security, roadways, and general area lighting applications. These systems are economically viable, and efficient in applications, where the cost of providing access to electricity is expensive or problematic. Due to low power consumption, and longer lifespan, Solar LED street lights are a good alternative to existing LPS (Low Pressure Sodium) or MH (Metal Halide) lamps.

In the Off-grid Street light systems, the power comes entirely from the solar power electricity generated by the solar panels of the street light pole. A battery backup enables the power to be stored and to be used later on. It enables large savings in cost over the long term since it uses free solar power instead of the grid power whose rates keep increasing over time.

  • KCP’s Solar Street Lights (SSL) are Green light source 40 – 70% less power consumption than traditional light sources.
  • Low maintenance and Long product life with 10 year warranty for solar panel and 1 year warranty for total system with adequate, free care and service from the local stations.
  • The installation cost is comparatively cheap, no trenching, no heavy cable, quick and easy installations anywhere and everywhere within just few days and no long awaited months.
  • The advanced technology of the control unit with low maintenance tubular battery of long life and automatic operations gives a great comfort to the customers.
  • KCP provides complete outdoor lighting systems and solutions with various lights, bulkheads, solar modules, solar charge controllers, batteries & poles.
Solar Water Heaters provide hot water using solar energy. It comprises of an array of solar collector to collect the solar energy and an insulated tank to store the hot water. During the day time, water in solar collectors gets heated which is either pumped or flows automatically using thermo-syphon principle into the storage tank. Hot water can then be stored and used for various purposes. We can supply to the Residentials, Hotels, Hospitals, Hostels and any Establishments which has a requirement of hot water. Solar Water Heaters of capacity 500 liters and above are termed Commercial Solar Water Heaters.

We typically offers two types of Solar Water Heaters;

  • Flat Plate Collectors (FPC)
  • Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC)

KCP Water Heaters are ISO 9001 Certified, and ranging from 100 LPD to 25,000 LPD with auto sensor. Water Heaters are made of high quality components under stringent process control technology using the best components under the vigilant scrutiny of industry experts therey meeting all industrial standards and norms.

KCP offers the supply, install, commission and maintain the following products also:
  • Solar Lantern with CPRI Technology
  • Garden and Home Lighting Systems
  • Solar Refrigerator
  • Solar Fencing
  • Solar Road Signals
  • Solar Blinkers
  • Solar Educational Kit
  • Solar Sense E.B Saver (Power Saving Fittings)
  • Solar Radio
  • Solar T.V Systems
  • Commissioned 732 nos. of Solar Home lighting systems and 36 nos. of Solar Street Lighting System to Tamil Nadu Energy development Agency under Rural Village Electrification Programme.
  • Supply & Installation of 1610 SPV Street lighting systems with Mounting Structures and Poles at all the Islands in Union Territory of Lakshadweep.
  • Installed 100 Solar Photovoltaic street lighting systems and 575 SPV Home lighting system in Kanyakumari district under MNRE – Part II scheme.
  • Electrification of 30 Remote Unelectrified Hamlets of Electrified Census Villages in 5 districts of Tamil Nadu through Solar Lighting Systems & Solar Home Lighting Systems under Remote Voltage Electrification Programme.
  • Installation of 100 Solar Street Light to Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai.
  • Supplied 10 Solar Refrigerators to Primary Health Centres in Tamil Nadu.
  • Exported 100 sets of Solar Powered Television to Cameroon, Africa.